February 2016

Updates to the blog have been minimal but we’ve just released Word Scrabble on Android.  This is a word puzzle game with 3 difficulty levels and 100’s of levels.

Fruit Cube now has over 240,000 Downloads on Android – pretty cool.

Game Maker Studio beta is now out and we’ll likely use that for our next game.


September 2015

Candy Match City is now out on Google Play (Android) and the App Store (iOS).

February 2015

RocketBoy Rampage was released in January on the Google Play store.  This was quite fun to create, it’s a simple game, but fun.

We have 2 new games coming out.  A fun card game that you can play with friends and a Match 3 game, of which there are many, but we are trying to do some fun things with it.

Fruit Cube now has over 190,000 Downloads on Android.

May 15 – 2014

‘Guess What With Friends’ release on the Android Store – A game to play with your friends and family – guess the object.  Two game modes.   Download it now.  iOS version is out soon.

Fruit Cube now has over 100,000 Downloads on Android and an update is coming out soon.

April 15 – 2014

Flapping Heartbleed released on the Android Store – a fun Flappy Bird clone. Download it now

April 07 – 2014

Fruit Juice Crush is now available on the Apple iOS Store.   Download it now

Fruit Cube (or Fruit Cubed on iOS) now has 80,000+ downloads 🙂

March 20 – 2014

Fruit Juice Crush is now available on the Android Store. Collect the fruits to mix a juicy treat.  A fast paced game and a test of your memory.  Coming soon to iOS.

Download it now


March 03 – 2014

Fruit Cubed is now available on iTunes.  Note the slightly different name as someone already had reserved the ‘Fruit Cube’ name on there. Pipe Hopper was also released on the Android store .. inspired, a little, by the Flappy Birds craze that has been sweeping the world.

Fruit Cube has now reached over 51,000 downloads on the Android store… Our aim for the game was 10,000 downloads.  We’ve stormed past that, can we get to 100,000 .. watch this space!  Over 9,000 on-line high scores have also been logged for Fruit Cube.

To keep with the Fruity theme we are working on a fun new game .. due mid March.

Jan 29 – 2014

*New version* of Fruit Cube released on Android that includes Google Gamer Services support for online High-scores and Leaderboards, a new Bomb and Diamond cube as well as some game play tweaks.


Jan 26 – 2014

We now have over 11,000 downloads of Fruit Cube.  Amazing.

We are about to release v1.10 which includes Google Game services and some nice tweaks to the game play.  We’ll then start on work on an iOS version and should have it submitted to iTunes by the end of January.


Jan 18 – 2014

We released Fruit Cube several months ago on Android and it’s had a slow uptake, getting around 40 downloads a day throughout October/November. In December with a rise in users, likely due to people getting shiny new tablets and mobile devices, the downloads have risen steadily.

In early January the downloaded total stood at around 3,000 – not bad for our first ‘proper’ game. By mid January the game was getting around 500 downloads per day – pretty awesome and much better than we could have hoped for.

We are working on a small update for the game to balance game play, add Google Game Services – so you can compare your high scores with others.

iOS version is due out at the end of January

The game is currently available on Google Play, Windows Store, Tizen Store* and the Amazon Store and is a free download on all versions.

*Tizen store not currently available to the public.